reaching for your heart with a peace sign

im not going to pretend like i have experience making websites lol :p
im currently creating the site. ive been wanting to try making my own site for a while now, im still a beginner at html/css but ive been having fun with it! so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to try out so many things!!! but i have to be patient *starts meditating*

all art made by me unless stated otherwise


??/??/????: the world is mine
28/9/2022: considering working on this again when im bored 23/6/2022: added an about page
22/6/2022: site creation! homepage done and center drawing added

im not sure what else to put here yet. a pet might be cute...... also sidebar image is a placeholder until i make/think of/find something better. i started this on a whim i wasnt prepared (silly old me)